Electronic Shelf Labels

Fresh food

You adjust price 4 times per day before expiration and season change. Paper labels are often damaged by water. Use ESLs for Fresh food instead of paper labels to display product information in a smart and efficient way.Improve Sales and margin, optimize resources and cost.


Equip with Smart Labels, IoT Technology and optimize resources on sales and marketing .All the labels updated with the latest information in minutes across all your stores. Work towards a higher customer engagement and better satisfaction.


High unit price with insufficient product details is a barrier for in-store shopping. Display plenty of specifications within seconds using ESL. Enable customers to make informed decisions. Shorten the buying process using ESLs and create a happy customer ecosystem.


ESL reduces paper usage drastically. When you connect ESLs with ERP systems, item information is displayed correctly, you can know your stock levels instantly and update them as well, and have assistance with LED alerts on the labels for critical stock outage. Improved inventory accuracy, stock-out risk prevention and cost control.