Unlike conglomerates tied to in-house products, our consortium approach enables clients to receive best-of-thought vidEre solutions combined with best-of-breed technologies from like-minded hardware and software providers


Uncover great talent quickly – Reduce average time spent on recruitment

Videolind system is designed to replace first candidate meetings that can look like this traffic jam. You as professional HR manager/recruiters know that the candidate is not a good fit in 2 minutes but out of politeness we keep on listening for 20 minutes. A lot of time is lost in the process. With Videolind – you can Automate Recruitment to a great extent, easily Test Language skills – Fluency, Pronounciation, Pace, Pitch etc.., Check the body language with facial expression, Good indicator for motivation and flexibility of the interviewee.

40+ Companies Recruiting with Videolind – 4000+ candidates interviewed – 300+ positions fulfilled

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